Every success in my life has come about due to play. That’s how I’m coming to view things.

It turns out I’m not the only one who agrees. I found the following collection of fascinating quotes from the article http://flowlikewater.org/2009/07/19/life-as-play/

Play is the highest form of research.~~Albert Einstein


Life must be lived as play.~~Plato

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.~~Abraham Maslow

The true object of all human life is play.~~G. K. Chesterton

People tend to forget that play is serious.~~David Hockney

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.~~Heraclitus

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.~~Plato

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.~~Carl Jung

The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.~~Brian Sutton-Smith

Play is training for the unexpected.~~Marc Bekoff

Those who play rarely, become brittle in the face of stress or lose the healing capacity for humor.~~Stuart Brown, M.D.



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